Post Op Sedation


All patients have different rates of recovery. Although some patients will feel fine when they leave, others may feel the affects of the anesthesia for several hours afterwards. With this understanding, it is important to follow the instructions below until the patient has fully recovered.

  1. Patient should not return to work or drive for 12 hours after treatment.
  2. Patient cannot operate any hazardous devices for 12 hours after treatment
  3. A responsible person should be with the patient until he/she has fully recovered.
  4. Patient should not go up and down stairs unattended. Encourage the patient to stay on the ground floor until recovered.
  5. Patient may eat whenever and whatever he/she wants. There may however, be exceptions relating to today’s treatment (i.e. chew on other side, wait 1hr., etc.), which will be reviewed.
  6. Patient must drink plenty of fluids as soon as possible in order to rehydrate.
  7. Patient may sleep for a long time or may be alert when he/she leaves. Attend to both an alert and sleepy patient in the same manner do not trust them to be alone until fully recovered.
  8. Assist the patient when walking – as long as they are still feeling drowsy from the anesthesia.
  9. Call the office if you have any questions or difficulties. If you feel that your symptoms warrant a physician and you are unable to reach us, go to the closest emergency room immediately.

Central Pennsylvania Endodontics State College Office Phone Number 814-238-4400

(If we are out of the office, the answering machine will give you another number to contact one of the doctors)