~Post Op Instructions – Apicoectomy

(this form is given to our patients following an apicoectomy)

Instructions Following Micro-Surgical Endodontic Therapy

Your local anesthesia will wear off in four to eight hours. If applicable, take the following medications as prescribed by our office:

  • Motrin 600mg – One tablet every 6 hours for 2 days. (Anti-inflammatory medication for discomfort)
  • Vicodin 5/500 mg – (Stronger pain medication for discomfort) – Only if needed, you can take one tablet every six hours. Vicodin works well when it is taken 3 hours after taking the Motrin.
  • Peridex Rinse – Do not start using the prescribed mouth rinse until tomorrow. – Rinse 2x a day for one week.
  • Apply ice to the surgical site for fifteen minutes on, fifteen minutes off for four to six hours after surgery. Applications after this period will have only slight benefit.
  • Do not use any medication that your physician, pharmacist, etc. has advised you not to take. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions and discontinue alcohol use with medications.
  • Take all routine medications as directed by your physician. Immediately stop using any drug that causes stomach upset or allergic reactions (including hives, rash, facial swelling, asthma, or wheezing). Seek immediate medical attention if any complications arise.
  • Follow your normal home care (tooth brushing/flossing) routine except avoid the surgical site for a few days.
  • Eat meals at regular intervals but avoid food that may traumatize the incision site. Avoid spicy and hot (temperature) foods. Good foods are eggs, soup, pancakes, milkshakes or yogurt.
  • We know that you are anxious to see the results of your surgery, but please do not forcibly pull your lips or cheeks away to inspect the surgical site. This action could possibly tear your sutures.
  • Sleep with two pillows to slightly elevate your head during the first night.
  • Call us immediately if you experience more than slight swelling or discomfort. In case the doctor needs to call in a prescription, have your pharmacy number handy.

We will send a record of your treatment including radiographs to your general dentist. If applicable, you must visit your general dentist for a final restoration since our office completes only the root canal portion of your dental care.

Please return to our office for evaluation of healing on the date indicated on your receipt or appointment card. In most cases, this visit is very brief.